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Engineer in front of a cement kiln

Primaries & Metal: Extracting more from less

In a world of lower grades, skill gaps and excavation challenges – we can help you hit your target

Choosing the right partner has never been so important. The ability to do more with less is now the new benchmark in the primaries and metals sector. That’s why at Endress+Hauser, we are bringing 60 years’ experience in your industry to help you sharpen your competitive edge.

Your challenges are our inspiration

We’ve seen how lower grades are driving an acute need for ever-better automation and controls. You are also facing emerging skills gap, requiring better-informed industry partners.

At the same time, energy costs are only going one way, and the legislative environment is becoming increasingly stringent

65–75 %

to udział kosztów energii

w całkowitych kosztach procesu wytwarzania cementu. Istnieją jednak sprawdzone sposoby na ograniczenie tych wydatków.

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Reduce your metal and mineral production costs

Production cost reduction by optimizing energy efficiency with cooling circuit leakage detection

Process experts will guide you step by step to the best-fit products, services and solutions that actively reduce costs and maximize energy efficiency.

Keep your plant safe

In a steel works safety is paramount.

Discover how safety and productivity go hand in hand, with solutions designed both to prevent accidents and enhance your competitive edge.

Boost environmental compliance and responsibility

Environmental responsibility in mining

Our packaged measurement and control solutions ensure you meet water and air emission regulations.

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