Turbimax CUS31

The Turbimax CUS31, czujnik do pomiaru mętności wody ©Endress+Hauser

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Funkcje i specyfikacja



  • Zasada pomiaru

    Single beam scattered light

  • Aplikacja

    Drinking water, industrial water

  • Montaż

    In immersion assembly, pipe installation or in a flow through holder with or without bubble trap.

  • Charakterystyka

    optical sensor for turbidity measurement according DIN ISO 7027.Precalibrated in a flow through holder with or without bubble trap.

  • Zakres pomiarowy

    0,000 - 9999FNU0,00 - 3000 ppm0,0 - 3,0 g/L0,0 - 200,0%

  • Zasada działania

    Optical sensor according 90° scattered light in the near infrared light (880nm) according DIN EN ISO 7027

  • Konstrukcja

    Infrared diodes with two receiver for low and high range values as well as a reference diode. Chamfered measuring head to optimize the self cleaning and optional with wipper cleaning to replace microbubbles from the optical windows.

  • Materiał

    Sensor shaft : PVC / PPS GF40Optical window : saphireCable : TPEO

  • Wymiar

    Diameter : 40mm
    1.56 inchLength : 191mm
    7.44 inch

  • Temperatura procesu

    max. 50°C

  • Ciśnienie procesu

    max. 6bar

  • czujnik temperatury

    Integrated NTC temperature sensor

  • Podłączenie

    Fixed cable connection

  • Stopień ochrony


  • Dodatkowe dopuszczenia

    Calibration certification

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